Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

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Parish Maintenance Worker, St. Bernadette, Westlake



Status:                Non-Exempt

Reports to:          Pastor, Supervisor of Maintenance

POSITION PURPOSE This position provides cleaning and maintenance of the parish and school buildings and grounds.


  1. Assures the church and other parish or school buildings are maintained in a clean and orderly manner. This requires the mopping and vacuuming of floors, cleaning bathrooms and washing windows.   Also maintains wood furniture that require oiling and maintenance.
  2. Assures the grounds are maintained in a clean and safe manner. Responsible for snow removal with plowing equipment and hand shovels, blowing walkways, weeding, and pruning on a seasonal basis. Where appropriate, also maintains playground in a safe and clean manner.
  3. Performs minor maintenance of the rectory, church, school and/or other church buildings.   Accomplishes this by doing light carpentry work and minor repair work on the facilities as needed.
  4. Provides other general assistance as needed through setting up of the chairs, tables In facilities as requested, hauling and moving items and picking up parts or other equipment as requested by staff.
  5. Assures the collection and disposal of trash and garbage.
  6. Maintains an inventory of supplies for lighting and cleaning and orders supplies as requested.


  1. Successful work experience in minor repair work in carpentry and painting.
  2. Successful work experience implementing a comprehensive cleaning plan for a facility, including sweeping, dusting, washing, waxing.
  3. Successful work experience maintaining grounds, parking lots, roads.
  4. Ability to lift 50 pounds.
  5. Able to honor and maintain confidentiality.
  6. Ability to provide own transportation for job-related responsibilities.
  7. On-call availability for emergencies.
  8. Ability to have flexible work hours.

TO APPLY:  Call        440-915-5529

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