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A new cross for Visitation of Mary Parish in Akron

Visitation of Mary Church in Akron was without an exterior cross for about 20 years, until a recent renovation of the church building.

On July 28, a new stainless steel cross was hoisted to the church roof and attached to the peak.

The cross was designed and built by Don Drum, a nationally recognized Akron sculptor. It was a gift from the family of the parish pastor Father Jonathan Zingales.

The newly installed “budded cross” is also known as the apostles’ cross, the disciples ‘cross, bottony cross or cathedral cross. It features three circles or discs known as trefoils that are attached to each arm of a Latin cross. The trefoils represent the Holy Trinity to Christians. The buds on the arms of the cross recall a flower that has not bloomed yet.

Likewise, the budded cross represents an immature Christian – someone new to the faith. New Christians still need to learn things in the world that are so prevalent and present to some that our eyes may not notice them.


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