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Bishop Perez takes to the airwaves to help drive support for local Catholic radio

Cleveland Bishop Nelson Perez told those listening to the semiannual Spirit Fundraising Drive on radio station AM 1260 The Rock on Oct. 11 that radio is a powerful instrument of continuing to proclaim the Gospel. Speaking with EWTN host and special Spirit Drive moderator Debbie Georgianni, Bishop Perez said that if Jesus walked the earth today, he would make use of all modern means of communications, just as he did in his day.

In her hour-long interview, Georgianni quizzed the bishop about many things, most aimed at helping listeners get to know him better.  Topics included the bishop’s desire to be of service to the diocese, how the Diocese of Cleveland shined during the many recent installation events and personal reflections about his family. He shared with the listeners his list of favorite saints, with St. John Bosco and Pope St. John Paul II at the top.

When asked by Georgianni about his pet peeves, the bishop said, “It bothers me when Catholics are put down for what we hold as sacred; it bothers me a lot.”

Listeners to the station called in throughout the hour to offer financial pledges. AM 1260 The Rock is a listener-supported Catholic radio station bringing the Word of God to the Cleveland area. The station depends on gifts of time, talent and treasure to continue its mission of providing quality programming that is faithful to the teachings of the Church and presented in a way that inspires conversion of heart and a deepening of faith while building up the body of Christ, according to station officials.

After the on-air session, Bishop Perez took time to bless the radio station and several statues. He also took photos with the staff and volunteers.

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