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Building on the Word – Air

The videos appearing on this page are intended to encourage personal growth in faith and assist programming efforts in faith communities.

This video is entitled “Air.” It evokes the invisible but intimate presence of God who comes to us in the person of the Holy Spirit. Contrary to imagining God as exalted and remote, God’s Spirit moves in us and through us—as close to us as the air we take in and breathe out.

Questions for Reflection

1) When, if ever, have you doubted yourself? Were there people or experiences that helped you regain your confidence? Which of these were most important to you?

2) What significance is there that the video begins on a rock pier? How does this image relate to the Holy Spirit? What other images of the Spirit are present in the video? Which speak most to you?

3) Think of a time in your personal life when you felt you were exactly where you should be, a time when the breath of God was within you. What words would you use to describe this feeling?

4) Can you recall a time when you worked with a group of people to accomplish something good; a time when it felt as if you were all breathing the same air? What did it feel like to be a part of this experience?


The video is free to watch on-line. It can be downloaded by clicking on the video title in the media window.  A new page will open and a download option is available below the video window.

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