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Building on the Word – Victory

The videos appearing on this page are intended to encourage personal growth in faith and assist programming efforts in faith communities.

“Victory” discusses the role of Jesus within the Christian tradition. It might come as a surprise to many that the earliest biblical understanding of Jesus situates him in the context of hope, hope in God’s determination to remove all that is evil from our world.


1) What is the significance of this video beginning outside the church and moving inside and then leaving by the main church doors at the end?

2) Were you surprised that Paul’s understanding of Jesus as God’s Messiah places such emphasis upon the hope that he will return in the future? How might such an emphasis change or deepen your own faith in Christ?

3) Think of a time when you had great hope in someone and they came through. What did that feel like? Did that experience encourage you to hope more?

4) Is there someone in your life who is without hope? What message of faith or love might you share with them today?

The video is free to watch on-line. It can be downloaded by clicking on the video title in the media window.  A new page will open and a download option is available below the video window.

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