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Laziness, vices prevent seeds of Gospel from taking root, pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) – God proposes — not imposes — his Gospel and offer of salvation, putting the responsibility of being open to and moved by his message on the listener, Pope Francis said. Jesus doesn’t draw people to him by conquering them, but by giving himself, like a sower, spreading “with patience and generosity […]

Eucharist is reminder of God’s love, call to unity, pope says

ROME (CNS) – The Eucharist is a tangible reminder of God’s love, and receiving Communion is a call to work to build the body of Christ by loving others and shunning all that sows division within a community, Pope Francis said. The Eucharist should “heal our ambition to lord it over others, to greedily hoard […]

Poverty requires action, not empty words, pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) – People cannot sit back and be indifferent or unresponsive to growing poverty in the world as a privileged minority accumulates “ostentatious wealth,” Pope Francis said. “God created the heavens and the earth for all; yet sadly some have erected barriers, walls and fences, betraying the original gift meant for all humanity, […]

Pope: Get a spiritual EKG to make sure heart pulsates with Holy Spirit

VATICAN CITY (CNS) – Never speak, act or make a decision without first listening to the Holy Spirit, who moves, troubles and inspires the heart, Pope Francis advised. A cold and calculating heart that is closed to the Holy Spirit results in a faith that is “ideological,” he said May 29 during a morning Mass […]

Speak out: Input needed from young people, others in diocese on synod survey

Pope Francis needs help from young Catholics, as well as all others in the Diocese of Cleveland and around the world. As preparations get under way for an October 2018 synod in Rome, Church officials hope to glean information from the faithful that will be used to develop a pastoral guide on how the Church […]

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