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2016 Stewardship and Evangelization Workshop Follow-up

IfnotusemailThe Offices of Stewardship and Evangelization thank all clergy, parish staff, and lay leaders who attended the workshop on November 11th and 12th 2016.  The following are followup pieces to help continue the processes learned in parish communities across the Diocese.


DVD’s were mailed to Pastors in January.  If you would like to receive a copy of the DVD with the presenter’s talks, please e-mail and provide your US Mailing address.


Talk #1 Title: Called to Missionary Discipleship

Speaker:  Leisa Anslinger

Stewardship: A Disciples Response; Reflecting on the Pastoral Letter on Stewardship

Leisa Anslinger Presentation – 4 UP slides

Leisa Anslinger Presentation Reflection Questions


Talk #2 Title:  Called to Spirit-filled Action

Speaker:  Fr. Frank Desiano, CSP

The Holy Spirit’s role in “Living our Faith in Jesus Christ”; enlarging the vision of being missionary disciples and using our spiritual gifts (Joyfully Gifted).

Fr. Desiano’s Holy-Spirit Talk – Full Slides

Fr. Desiano Holy Spirit Talk 3-up Slides Handout

Fr. Desiano’s Presentation Reflection Questions


Talk #3 Title:  Called to Joyfully Witness

Speaker:  Sr. Maureen Colleary, FSP

Witnessing with words; the practice of sharing the kerygma through our personal stories.

Please note:  Sr. Maureen Colleary did not have a power-point presentation.  The reflection questions that follow are an excellent resource for assisting in creating a Lay Witness talk:

Sr. Maureen Colleary Reflection Questions


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