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2016 November:  Stewardship & Evangelization WorkIfnotusemailshop

“Coming Together”

The Offices of Stewardship and Evangelization invite all clergy, parish staff, and lay leaders to a four-hour workshop featuring national presenters, followed by small and large group discussions.

Participants will leave inspired, renewed and empowered with concrete steps in mind for the ministries of stewardship and evangelization beneficial in their parish or organization.

To accommodate many schedules, the exact same workshop will be repeated twice first on November 11th and then on November 12th.

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The Office of Evangelization is here to offer a presence of love and friendship in spreading the Good News of the salvation in Jesus Christ and promoting the mission of the Catholic Church.

Together we hope to be a part of building up the church by ministering to the people of God through pastoral care of the faithful and reaching out to those who are away from the faith or do not know Jesus Christ.


Sun_DoveJoyfully Gifted: Spiritual Gifts Discernment Process

The Office of Stewardship and The Office of Evangelization are beginning a new process to help in the discovery and discernment of an individual’s charisms in order to live the vision as presented in our Catholic Tradition and in The Joy of the Gospel, where Pope Francis is asking us to create missionary disciples in evangelizing churches.  Click HERE for more details on the process.  Click HERE for information on how to schedule the first step, a Joyfully Gifted Retreat in your parish community.

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