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Material Overview

Campus RENEW  is a program to bring together college students to renew the faith life of a college campus.


About the Program

Campus RENEW is a two and a half year (or 5 semester) process which facilitates renewal and transformation on college campuses. Small Christian communities, groups of eight to twelve students who come together weekly to share faith, are the building blocks of this process. These communities create opportunities for students to experience community, spirituality, and be challenged outward to service.


The Campus RENEW process creates student leaders with a mature faith and social consciousness to guide the Catholic Church both today and in the future.


The result is a process which creates and nurtures small Christian communities on college campuses through leadership formation, quality faith sharing resources, and onsite and offsite pastoring.



Process: Campus RENEW collaborates with the current campus ministry to offer a structure which facilitates the growth of small Christian communities on the campus. The structure includes leadership and invitation training over two and a half years to create a campus-wide initiative which is ultimately self-sustaining.


Resources: Campus RENEW offers a variety of resources for reflection which have been written for the campus population: The Word on Campus, a lectionary-based series, and As I Have Loved You, a service-focused series. RENEW also offers justice-based, Catechism-based and thematic resources.


Pastoring: The process is accompanied by onsite and offsite pastoral support from a RENEW staff member, including workshops, retreat days and ongoing mentoring.


Semester One: Preparing the Way

This is for the Core community, a group of 8-12 (or larger, if needed) students, faculty and staff who have been chosen to lead the Campus RENEW process. It is a preparation semester that gives the student leaders the opportunity to experience faith sharing and the vision of small Christian communities before being asked to implement them. It begins with an opening retreat day. The Core community then shares with a specially designed resource.


Each Subsequent Semester

The Campus RENEW Liaison is present on your campus once each semester to lead powerful retreats and workshops. On those visits, he/she will provides the campus ministry staff and student leaders with resources for faith sharing, monthly leadership gatherings, and large group gatherings of small group participants. During both semesters 1 and 2 of the process, the RENEW Liaison visits campus for a second time in order to facilitate the Invitational Training. During the remainder of each semester, offsite pastoring is provided via email and phone. [read more]



Campus RENEW Faith-Sharing Resources

Introductory faith-sharing resources are provided for the core community during the first semester. In subsequent semesters, a variety of materials are available for the members of the small Christian communities. [read more]


Pastoral Services via web

Participating campuses can also take advantage of resources on this website, such as a library of downloadable materials and documents, and other web-based tools.



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