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Material Overview

CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization is a program for disciples who are ready to put their faith in action and reach out into the culture as evangelists.  This program can be used for leadership groups in parishes or for adults who have been well-formed through other programs.


About the Program

The Catholic Faith is not about myths or legends, symbols or literary devices. It’s about an encounter so overwhelming that you want to tell the whole world. It is an encounter with Jesus Christ. Throughout history, the call of Christ has sent people to the corners of the earth with a message of great joy, a message that has built civilizations, inspired cultures and even sent some to prisons and to their graves.


We have the same call — that’s the New Evangelization.


This new documentary series from Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire continues the story of CATHOLICISM and explores the Church’s mission and the challenges of contemporary culture. With the original CATHOLICISM series, Bishop Barron took us on a journey around the world deep into the Faith. Now, experience this Faith in action in CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization.


This 90-minute film tells us what the “New Evangelization” is and then takes us on a fascinating tour to witness examples of new ardor, new expressions, and new methods of evangelization in action. This multi-disc DVD set also includes 4 hours of extra features including two speeches from Bishop Barron as well as full interviews and insights on the New Evangelization with George Weigel, Ross Douthat, Brad Gregory, and Brandon Vogt.


CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization is accompanied by a study program for adult and mature teen faith formation, which was written by Brandon Vogt, author of “The Church and the New Media” and a well-known Catholic blogger and advocate of the Church’s evangelization efforts via the new media.  This program is great for Catholic adults and mature teens, Parish and diocesan staff, Lay ministry formation, enrichment for teachers and catechists, and Diaconate training.



Chapter/Lesson One: “Introduction”

Chapter/Lesson Two: “New Ardor”

Chapter/Lesson Three: “New Expressions-Part I”

Chapter/Lesson Four: “New Expressions-Part II”

Chapter/Lesson Five: “New Methods”

Chapter/Lesson Six: “Faith In Action”



7 Meetings of 90 Minutes

Available DVD or Blu-Ray


Included Resources


– CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization DVD set – Four DVDs which contain the feature presentation, additional videos to be used in the study program, full length interviews of cultural commentators and experts in the New Evangelization, and two speeches given by Bishop Barron during the filming of the documentary.

– Student Guide and Workbook – Written by Brandon Vogt, contains six sessions, each lasting 90 minutes.  The first five sessions correspond with the five chapters of the feature presentation.  The sixth session, written by Peggy Pandaleon, is an interactive workshop designed to help individuals and Catholic groups formulate their own “next steps” or pledges for being active in the New Evangelization.

– Leader’s Program Kit – Includes the DVD set, Facilitator’s Guide, and answer key.

– Support Materials – To announce the upcoming program in your location



Webinar Training Available



The DVD is subtitled in English, Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese.

European Store Available.



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