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Evangelization Within the African American-Native American Community Grants

APPLICATION FOR GRANT IN 2018 – Funds Received in 2019
From the Commission for the Catholic Missions
Among the African American and Native American People



a. Grant money is given for projects whose specific purpose is Catholic evangelization within the African American or Native American community.

b. Projects must be initiated and carried out by the Catholic Community: parishes, schools, offices, organizations.

c. Preference will be given to those efforts which are collaborative; i.e. those that will benefit several parish communities, those which reflect parish/school cooperation, parish/diocesan office cooperation, parish/organization cooperation.

d. Projects that are innovative and creative, as well as those which build on previous efforts, are encouraged.

e. Grant applications should be submitted on the Grant Application Form or should be attached to the application form. A response to all areas of application is expected. Grants which do not include sufficient information will not be considered by the review board.


a. Money requested to fund a salary may cover a maximum of 25% of that salary. The money will not be allocated for benefits. The source covering the remaining portion of the salary and benefits should be indicated.

b. Ordinarily transportation, food, musical instruments, and large pieces of equipment will not be covered by the grant allocation.

c. The grant amount is not limited. However, the decision of the grant review board is influenced by a consideration of the number of applications received, the spirit of collaboration evident between the groups, the number of people involved in the program and the need in the area.

2018-2019 Grant App For AA Native American
2018-2019 Grant App For AA Native American
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Deadline for Applications is April 30, 2018

If you have any questions please call: (216) 696-6525 or 1-800-869-6525, extension 3500

Sister Rita Mary Harwood. S.N.D.
Secretary for Parish Life and Development
1404 East Ninth Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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