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Material Overview

Continuum is the overarching structure through which the Ascension Press programs flow.  Within the structure various bible and faith studies take place to transform a participant from discovery to discipleship.


About the Program

Evangelization is at the heart of every parish’s mission.  For two thousand years the faith has flourish where Christians lived among the people as authentic disciples.  These disciples did not just wake up one day as effective evangelists, most journeyed along a natural path that took them from being seekers to a profound encounter with the risen Christ.  This encounter became the foundation for lifelong discipleship and mission.


Introducing, Continuum, a powerful new framework for the faith formation resources at your parish.  Continue in places each faith formation program in one of the four natural stages of spiritual formation, Discovery, Encounter, Formation, and Discipleship.  Continuum is there to help you as a parish leader, helping you to decide where your parishioners are on their faith journey and how best to move them on the path to active discipleship.


Ascension offers resources for every stage of the Continuum, and now with the powerful tools at, you have complete administrative control over every faith formation program your parish implements.  From online streaming of all videos across computers, phones, tablets, and Smart TVs to group management tools, has everything you need to bring your faith formation efforts into the digital age.



1. Discovery (pre-evangelization)

Discovery is where the Faith intersects with the joys and struggles of everyday life.  The person and message of Christ capture our attention, and we open our hearts to Him.

  • Addresses our desires for truth, goodness, and beauty
  • Meets us “where we are” spiritually
  • Leads us to discover the possibilities of a life with Christ


Momnipotent: Finding Peace, Balance, and Joy in Your Vocation as a Mother

Your Call to Greatness

The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide

God’s Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage

Living a Joy-Filled Marriage


2. Encounter (evangelization)

Encounter is when we commit to being a disciple of Christ.  A true encounter with Christ elicits a response, resulting in a profound conversion.

  • Invites us to encounter Christ
  • Leads us to say “yes” to life in Him and His Church
  • Results in a deeper conversion/intentional faith


Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible


3. Formation (catechesis)

Formation is where the head catches up to the heart.  It equips us to fulfill Christ’s command to go and make disciples.

  • Deepens our commitment to become like Christ
  • Calls for ongoing conversion
  • Encompasses every aspect of human life


The Great Adventure Bible Timeline

Ongoing Great Adventure Studies

A Biblical Walk Through the Mass

Mary: A Biblical Walk with the Blessed Mother

An Introduction to the Theology of the Body

Epic: The Early Church

Epic: A Journey through Church History

Freedom to Love


4. Discipleship

Discipleship is the ongoing commitment to life, learn, and share what Jesus taught.  As the Father sent His Son, so the Son sends His disciples into the world to proclaim the Good News and help others to discover the joy of new life in Christ.

  • Encourages us to live our faith
  • Proclaims the Good News to the world
  • Helps others to discover Christ by our example


Oremus: A Guide to Catholic Prayer

Walking Toward Eternity:

Daring to Walk the Walk

Engaging the Struggles of Your Heart



 Ascension Press offers training for different programs throughout the year.



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