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Material Overview

James: Pearls for Wise Living is an adult bible study that offers practical wisdom for the participant to apply in their daily life.



About the Program

James is one of the most practical books of the Bible. Like the book of Proverbs, it is a book of wisdom, a collection of teachings on issues faced by ordinary Christians in everyday life. These teachings speak loudly to all those who feel torn between the competing demands of this world and their faith. This study offers “pearls for wise living” by applying the wisdom of James to the present day. For anyone who has struggled to live a truly Christian life, James offers a wealth of practical solutions for handling and even sanctifying everyday circumstances.



  • Discover how Christ fulfilled the Law and set us free to live in the Spirit.
  • Learn what justification means, and how faith and works are integral to it.
  • Discover how we become heirs to the promises and blessings of Christ through faith.
  • See how in baptism we are truly made children of God, our loving and merciful Father.
  • Learn how to live your faith by working in love.



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Included Resources

This pack is what every leader needs to begin James: Pearls for Wise Living. It includes:

  • 6 DVD Set (11, 50-minute videos)
  • Study Set



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