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Joyfully Gifted Small Groups

Once the retreat is completed, attendees will be excited to regroup with others from the retreat to share their new found information, formation and experience.

The support of a parish community is essential in developing one’s spiritual gifts.  Meeting in small groups provides an opportunity to change the culture of silence surrounding spiritual gifts. Small groups allow for an understanding of how each is a part of a community of believers called to evangelize in unique ways/

It allows individuals to share the experience of using their spiritual gifts, to be affirmed in their spiritual gifts and to be encouraged in new ways of using their spiritual giftedness in all areas of their lives, homes, communities, church life, everywhere.

The Joyfully Gifted Discernment Journal  (downloadable HERE) is based on the Gospel of Mark and includes:

Four weeks of personal reflection questions

Six days of reflection to do at home and the seventh day to bring in to share in the small group.

Small Group Session Format:

  • Use the prayer at the beginning of each week to start the session
  • Go to the My Identity, My Calling page for the week
  • Read the scripture or quote at the top of the page
  • Allow a few moments for silent reflection
  • Read each question and encourage each in the group to share their faith and their experience
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