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Lectio: Evangelization and the Acts of the Apostles is a video-based Scripture study within the Lectio study series which looks at the New Evangelization in respect to the Acts of the Apostles in ten powerful sessions.


About the Program

Find help and inspiration from the men and women who transformed the world. There is no better place to look for guidance in the New Evangelization than the Acts of the Apostles. This chronicle of the Church in action gives us the blueprint for the life and mission of the Church today.

In Evangelization and the Acts of the Apostles, Dr. Mary Healy combines Bible study with Church teaching and practical wisdom to show you how modern Catholics can effectively lead people to Jesus Christ.


Dr. Mary Healy is a professor of Scripture and an internationally-known author and speaker on topics related to evangelization, the Holy Spirit, and Sacred Scripture. Pope Francis appointed her to the Pontifical Biblical Commission, in which scholars advise the pope on biblical matters. Dr. Healy was also a featured theological advisor and presenter in the Augustine Institute’s widely popular video series, Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained



  • Five DVDs with over seven hours of video presentation
  • Study Guide for a deeper understanding of each session
  • Comprehensive Leader Guide for effective group study



Online Access available through subscription of Formed



Graduate School of Theology available at the Augustine Institute.



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