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Material Overview 

Living in the Sacred is a small group program designed to explore discipleship while enhancing the spiritual journey of participants.


About the Program

Fr. Rolheiser, OMI, describes three stages of discipleship: 1) Getting your life together; 2) Giving your life away; and 3) Giving your death away.

Living in the Sacred takes participants on a deep spiritual journey exploring this second stage of discipleship. Having moved through the “getting your life together” stage, participants have made life commitments either in marriage or other relationships, child raising, to sick or elderly parents or other relatives, careers, or communities, Living in the Sacred is about how we stay true to these commitments as disciples of Christ. Companion to Longing for the Holy.



  • Sharing
  • Lifting Our Hearts…
    • In Song
    • In the Quiet
    • In the Word
    • In Prayer
  • Our Companion on the Journey
  • Encountering Wisdom for Life
  • Sharing Our Faith
  • Living the Good News
  • Closing Prayer
  • Looking Ahead
  • Informal Gathering



  1. The Movement Toward Mature Discipleship
  2. The Religious Faults of Mature Adults
  3. Jesus Challenges Us to a More Generous Discipleship
  4. Fidelity
  5. Torn Loyalties
  6. Compassion and Mercy
  7. Wholeness
  8. Patience
  9. Goodness to Greatness
  10. The Invitation to Ponder
  11. Drawing Strength from Prayer
  12. The Crowning Glory of Discipleship



Downloadable Resources available through RENEW International


Included Resources

  • 10 Participant Books
  • Leading Prayer in Small Groups
  • Sowing Seeds
  • Gleanings Prayer journal
  • CDs with music and audio reflections



English and Spanish Available



RENEW Webinar Available



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