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Living as Missionary Disciples

The Holy Spirit

Living as missionary disciples is a way of being Church. 

The Holy Spirit, the animator and sanctifier of the Church, her divine breath, the wind in her sails, the principle of her unity, the inner source of her light and strength, her support and consoler, her source of charisms and songs, her peace and her joy, her pledge and prelude to blessed and eternal life.

With the help of the Holy Spirit evangelizers can transform the world. (Living As Missionary Disciples pgs. 18-19)

Bishop Perez

Bishop Nelson Perez shares his thoughts on Living as Missionary Disciples:

Living as Missionary Disciples

Learn more about the elements of discipleship Bishop Perez talks about in this video in the booklet, Living as Missionary Disciples.

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Diocese of Cleveland Convocation Team Presentations Available

In July 2017, a 10 person Convocation Team from the Diocese of Cleveland attended the USCCB’s Joy of the Gospel Convocation.  Team members are ready and willing to share their insights from the Convocation along with the vision for Living as Missionary Disciples with any parish, school, or organization in the Diocese of Cleveland.

Presentations will be customized to your group’s needs and time-frames.  For more information please contact Terrie Baldwin to discuss or schedule a presentation.

For more information on the Joy of the Gospel Conference click here.

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