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Material Overview 

Momnipotent: Finding Peace, Balance, and Joy in Your Vocation as a Mother is a movement to reclaim the vocation of motherhood by meeting mothers where they are and throughout the course of the study, empowering them to become the greatest women and mothers that they can be.


About the Program

Is being a mother what you thought it would be? The exhaustion, monotony, mounting unfinished projects, a loss of a sense of self… Too many moms, especially young and new moms, do in fact feel disillusioned. Maybe you feel you’ve been sold a bill of goods, that success and happiness are not possible through the vocation to motherhood. Many moms quietly resign themselves to the idea that success, happiness and fulfillment are things they will need to find in spite of motherhood, not because of it.


In Momnipotent, Danielle Bean understands all this first-hand and meets women where they are. With great wit, wisdom, and compassion, she provides much-needed encouragement to all women and beautifully resonates with their feminine hearts.


Momnipotent brings together Danielle and a guest expert with women of all experience and walks of life. Through real and honest conversations, this group of women journey together through the concerns, challenges, joys, and unique experiences that all mothers share. Join Danielle in this opportunity to share, challenge, and encourage each other in motherhood and momnipotence.



Home Preparation 

Light reading assignments and study questions are worked through before class.

 DVD Presentation

 Dynamic and engaging DVD lessons start each session.

Group Discussion 

A discussion of the session’s questions along with sharing of new insights from the DVD presentation.



  1. Why You are Momnipotent
  2. The Power of Purpose
  3. Free to Be You
  4. Fearless Beauty
  5. Giving and Goodness
  6. Sensitive Strength
  7. Balancing Act
  8. Journeying on Together



  • Rediscover and reconnect with your unique, beautiful, and powerful feminine gifts
  • Learn ways to encourage and support other women in their vocation to motherhood
  • Find out how to make time to take care of yourselves
  • Understand what it means to be called to motherhood – biologically and spiritually
  • Learn how to become Momnipotent by using your feminine gifts in your home, family, and community



Online Access available

Risk free preview pack available


Included Resources

The Starter Pack provides all the components a leader needs for the Momnipotent experience. It contains the Momnipotent: Finding Peace, Balance, & Joy in Your Vocation as a Mother DVD Set, one Journal, one Leader’s Guide Journal, and the Book, Momnipotent: The Not-So-Perfect Woman’s Guide to Catholic Motherhood



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