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Material Overview 

Pursuit of Purpose is an inspiring and practical retreat-style video program which can be completed either as an individual or in a group.

About the Program

Pursuit of Purpose offers a clear explanation of God’s purpose for our lives and provides practical tools on how to live this out. In each video session, Catholic speaker Ken Yasinski weaves witty and poignant personal stories with thought-provoking reflections.

Daily & Weekly Challenges, reflection questions, and more are found in the accompanying Pursuit Journal. Pursuit of Purpose offers you the opportunity to intentionally strive for a personal, spiritual transformation in your daily life.



  1. The Purpose of Life
  2. The Worthy Goal
  3. A Life-Giving Choice
  4. Finding Freedom
  5. Prayer
  6. Blessings of the Eucharist


How to get the most out of Pursuit of Purpose

  • Watch that week’s video session
  • Take 20-25 minutes to get thought provoking reflections and personal stories.
  • Review the Vital Points
  • Helpful outlines that call to mind core ideas for the week.
  • Prayerfully answer the reflection questions
  • Let the questions guide your prayer and discovery.
  • Weekly Challenge
  • During the Week: Reflect on and complete the Daily Action repeated throughout each day.



Available online and as a DVD and Journal


Included Resources

  • DVD Videos
  • Journal



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