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Material Overview

Queen of Heaven is a program centered on Blessed Mother, her role in our lives, and how to grow into a deeper relationship with her.


About the Program

Embark on a journey that begins before time itself, when Mary was only an eternal thought in the Mind of God, and extends into her life in Scripture. Discover Our Mother throughout centuries of Church history, as she intervenes at pivotal periods—especially at her most famous apparitions, when she made roses bloom on a hillside in Mexico, when she made a miraculous spring of water rise from the ground in Lourdes, and when she made the sun dance at Fatima.


See the maternal care she has given to humanity and the battle she has waged against the evil one, the one she was put in enmity to for all time. After seeing how she pursues us in love, learn how to grow closer to Mary, Our Mother by making devotion to her part of our daily life.  Take this journey now and discover the woman who, from the very beginning, was destined to be the Queen of Heaven.



  1. The Battle Begins: The Woman and the Serpent
  2. The Annunciation: The Day Creation Held Its Breath
  3. The Sorrowful Mother: A Sword Shall Pierce Your Soul
  4. Mother of the Church: All Generations Will Call Me Blessed
  5. Guadalupe: Mother of the Americas
  6. Lourdes: I Am the Immaculate Conception
  7. Fatima: The Lady of the Rosary
  8. The Consecration: My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph


Included Resources

  • Leader Guide
  • Study Guide
  • 2 DVD Set
  • Streaming Video GROUP license



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