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relit: The Heart of Evangelization

Relit booksrelit: The Heart of Evangelization

Author:  Michael Dopp, Mission of the Redeemer Ministries

relit answers the call issued by recent popes – to partake in the New Evangelization and live out the Church’s missionary call. It is training that prepares and forms Catholics so they can fully realize their baptismal vocation and equips the 5% of engaged parishioners to reach out to the other 95%.

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“Invite everyone to be bold and creative in this task of rethinking the goals, structures, style and methods of evangelization in their respective communities.”  Pope Francis

Detailed, comprehensive facilitator guide Supports facilitators in planning, preparation and presentation

Incorporates participant guide w/answers to the knowledge questions

Supportive participant guide Provides the framework to help participants recognize and feel confident not only the call to holiness, but the call to Evangelization.

Questions: 3 each Knowledge, Reflection, Application

Engaging DVDs 3 DVDs with 6 sessions each

Video portion averages 25 minutes in length

Capture the heart of the participants with relatable examples


Can be presented in tandem with other programs at the parish.

Can be completed:

·         as a retreat from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon

·         on 3 Saturdays

·         in 6 weeks, in 9 weeks, or 18 weeks

5 areas of training 1)     Theological – What is evangelization – why do we do it and how do we do it in our modern culture.

2)     Spiritual – The connection to holiness and the role of the Holy Spirit in evangelization

3)     Stages people go through as they are evangelized – where are they at and how can we help them take the next step?

4)     Context – How do we evangelize our friends, family, colleagues, our parish

5)     Testimony – Tools for effective testimony

Breaks the cycle of randomly choosing programs, provides focus.  Choose programs based on those you want to reach as a parish. 3 Transcendentals

Truth (Head – Thinking types-good books, CDs, DVDs, Talks)

Goodness (Heart – Service, Community, Authenticity, Life of Virtue)

Beauty (Soul – Creation, Art, Architecture, Music, Liturgy)

Reshapes the parish,

not just the individual

So anything the parish does or ministries and programs already in place can be more effective.

For example:  We tend to catechize rather than evangelize when parents come for baptismal preparation, so we do not see many of them back until Communion preparation for the child – they have not been converted.  The same is true of marriage preparation.  We need to evangelize first before we catechize.

Training/formation — NOT a study Brings clearer vision to the parish and can (and should) be implemented while other programs in your parish continue as already scheduled.

A study adds to your personal knowledge – relit not only adds to your knowledge, but equips you to put it into action.

Participant Profile

Who is relit for?

Current programs do a great job of forming the individual for their own personal life.

relit is not targeted at one person or even one particular group – it is about the parish.

It is a “new lens” through which we look at everything we do.  It shapes how we see everything.

Recommended the first group should be very small – perhaps 3-5 people who will determine how relit will be offered in your parish.


Preferred order of implementation –

·         1st group – Key members – Priest(s), staff, ministry directors, pastoral council, etc.

·         2nd group – Active parishioners – other ministry leaders including ALL ministries currently active in your parish (Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers, SVDP, DRE, RCIA, mom’s groups, etc.), members of ministries, volunteers.

·         3rd group – Personal connections – parishioners who are active in their faith but are not necessarily involved regularly in parish ministries.  The group of Active Parishioners would personally invite this 3rd group using their relit training skills.

·         Subsequent groups – Any Parishioner – advertise relit to your entire parish!  Parishioners interested in learning to effectively evangelize will greatly benefit from relit.

Implementing relit this way takes the burden off of pastors and DRE’s once the Ministry Leaders take over.  Not all staff or council members need to attend the first round of training since it is meant to be offered over and over in a parish and they can attend with another group.

Cost of the program

If you know an approximate number of participants based on the implementation idea above, you can order a larger quantity in the beginning in order to take advantage of the larger discount.


The Ultimate Relationship Booklet is used in Session 6.  No need to order it separately as it is included with all Facilitator and Participant Guides.

Leader Kit: $349.95 (Includes 3 DVD set, Facilitator Guide, Prayer Card, Ultimate Relationship booklet)

Participant Guide: (Includes Participant Guide, Prayer Card, Ultimate Relationship booklet)

Under 20 copies $25.95 each.

20 copies – 15% discount  $22.06 each

100 copies – 20% discount  $20.76 each

250 copies – 25% discount  $19.46 each

500+ copies – 30% discount  $18.17 each

Facilitator Guide:  $34.95 Includes Facilitator Guide, Prayer Card, Ultimate Relationship booklet

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