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Spiritual Gifts Discernment Process

Sun_DoveInspiration: Pope Francis has said, “The Holy Spirit also enriches the entire evangelizing Church with different charisms. These gifts are meant to renew and build up the Church. They are not an inheritance, safely secured and entrusted to a small group for safekeeping; rather they are gifts of the Spirit integrated into the body of the Church, drawn to the center which is Christ and then channeled into an evangelizing impulse.” (EG, 130)

Introduction: Imagine a parish community where all of the laity have discovered and are using their spiritual gifts and direct them authentically to the heart of the Gospel. We might find that we will have parish communities guided by the Holy Spirit, living in communion, to be mysteriously fruitful. (EG, 130)

How can we accomplish this? The Diocese of Cleveland has finalized the project and retreats are beginning.  See events to the right.  If you are interested in beginning the process with a retreat in your parish community contact Terrie Baldwin – or Terri Preskar –

1. Joyfully Gifted Retreat

An engaging full-day retreat has been developed which includes Church’s teachings, use of media, small group and large group activities, as well as a Spiritual Gifts discernment tool: Uniquely His. Uniquely His is a valuable discernment tool designed to jump-start any baptized Christian (8th Grade or older) into the discernment process of identifying their personal vocation and charisms. By the end of this retreat, participants will have an indication of their unique spiritual gifts. Discovery of one’s spiritual gifts is a wonderful beginning upon which to build. However, it is important to test any findings you have been given through further study, prayer, evaluation and confirmation, individually and through community. To that end, we recommend participants also take advantage of the following additional resources developed to aid in the continuing journey of discernment. 2. Spiritual Guidance

For participants who wish to seek assistance in further exploring their spiritual gifts, phone conversations with trained spiritual discernment guides (spiritual directors/pastoral counselors) in the Diocese of Cleveland will be available for a fee.The goals in spiritual guidance will be • To help illuminate for the participant, their top working spiritual gifts; • To assist in consideration of where God might be leading them; • To suggest next steps for discerning the use of their giftedness.

3. Small Group Discussion

The support of a small group in a parish community following the Spiritual Gifts Discernment Retreat would prove helpful to aid those who wish to further discover and develop their gifts, while also contributing to an overall communal spirit of congregational ministry. To assist in this continuing discussion, we have developed a four-week Spiritual Gifts Discernment Journal (Gospel of Mark), which includes prayer, Scripture, and questions for discussion.

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