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Material Overview

The Journey is a program designed to help participants deepen their faith in Christ through Scripture study, meaningful videos, and faith sharing in small groups.


About the Program

The Journey/El Camino is a new resource from Paulist Evangelization Ministries designed to help Catholics today deepen their personal relationship with Christ – it’s a simple and direct way to encounter Jesus in our lives.


The main component of The Journey is the faith-sharing groups which meet to reflect each week. Through these small groups, participants come to share their experiences of Jesus Christ with one another and grow together in their faith.


In the sessions, participants read from a selected Scripture passage and then watch a powerful video.  In the videos, we see how our experiences today are reflected in the experiences of those who first encountered Jesus two thousand years ago. We come to see how Christ touches us personally even today.


After watching the videos, the groups then read over a reflection and answer discussion questions. Participants are encouraged to find what words, phrases, and images most move them from the Scripture, video and discussion and pray on this in the week ahead. In this way, the sessions follow the method laid out in lectio divina. Finally, participants are given suggested actions they can take with them to live out in their daily lives. There is also space for journaling in the booklets to reflect during the week.



There are three Parts (6 videos per part) in The Journey.


Part 1- Our personal encounter with Jesus.

  • Jesus, The Son of Mary
  • Jesus, the Healer
  • Jesus, the Merciful
  • Jesus, the Giver of Grace
  • Jesus, Son of the Father
  • Jesus, the Savior


Part 2- What it means to belong to Jesus’ community, the Church.

  • Jesus, Sender of the Spirit
  • Jesus, the Gatherer
  • Jesus, the Leader
  • Jesus, the Reconciler
  • Jesus, Host of Meals
  • Jesus, Bringer of the Kingdom


Part 3- How we encounter Jesus’ way of life as disciples.

  • Specific topics released Spring 2017



Mix and match the components of The Journey to best fit your parish’s needs:

  • Parish Manual
  • Leader Guide with DVD**
  • Participant Booklet**
  • Prayer Card**
  • Devotional Booklet**
  • Weekly Reflection**
  • Poster**
  • Youth Components for Small Groups

** Available in Spanish


The Parish Manual makes implementing The Journey easy. Once an Organizing Core Team is formed, their tasks and a timeline for them to follow are spelled out in simple and direct ways.


The Leader Guide contains the DVD with six video sessions. In a step-by-step way, Group Leaders will be guided as they prepare for and lead the sessions.


The Participant Booklet provides the material for the six sharing sessions, as well as follow-up material to deepen insights throughout the week.


The Devotional expands and deepens the Scripture passage used during each week so as to lead parishioners to greater personal insight and a stronger prayer life.


The Weekly Reflection is a way for all parishioners to participate in The Journey and can be passed out at Sunday Mass.


Additional Resources

*Coming Soon – Part 2 will be released in January 2017. Part 3 and Youth components for Parts 2 and 3 will be released in Spring 2017!



 Leading the Journey Informational Video



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The Journey Information

The Journey for Youth

The Journey Online Resources (English and Spanish)

Leading the Journey Informational Video

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