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Material Overview 

The Spirituality of the Psalms is a study program designed to explore the psalms and God’s message present within them.


About the Program

Learning to pray with the Psalms has long been a hallmark of the Christian faith. The Psalms are our prayer book. In them we encounter the living God and address him in every aspect of our lives. Here Margaret Nutting Ralph re-introduces us to the Psalms as a way of prayer. Whether we pray them alone or with others, she offers you a fresh start on the Christian journey of prayer.


Formation in our faith tradition is an ongoing endeavor; allowing this learning to inform our minds, to touch our hearts, and to find expression in the way we live is an essential part of this process. The Adult Faith Formation Library offers a valuable collection of titles that are a reliable resource for information, formation and transformation in the Catholic tradition. Whether used in formal educational settings, or in less formal learning communities, the Adult Faith Formation Library series offers faith formation in an accessible, flexible format for those who seek to live their faith in vibrant and informed ways in today’s world.


This series is perfect for

  • Adults in a faith community who would like to grow through spiritual reading and reflection
  • Parish/pastoral ministers who seek support in their personal and professional development
  • Pastoral teams or school faculties who desire to enrich or further explore their mission
  • Individuals who want to deepen their own understanding of the faith



Each volume’s user-friendly format provides:

  • An introduction to the topic
  • Four chapters designed for reading in one sitting/session
  • Questions for personal reflection and journaling, or for conversation starters in a team or learning community
  • A suggested reading list for further exploration



Spirituality of the Psalms Information

Spirituality of the Psalms Sample


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