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Material Overview 

In True Reformers: Saints of the Catholic Reformation, Dr. Christopher Blum leads participants on a journey with the saints who led the Church’s rebirth from the ashes of the confusion caused by the Protestant Reformation.  As you get to know them, you will discover how powerful – and beautiful – the human heart’s free response to God’s generous Grace is.


About the Program

This year is the 500th anniversary of the year in which Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the door of Wittenberg Castel Church.  Now you might think that we would want to look at popes and kings and cultural trends and theological disputes, these are all important realities but what is more important still is the individual human life touched by divine grace.   Mountain ranges, empires, they come and go, they pass away, but the human soul once created by God lives forever.  We see that in the lives of these five great men and one great woman, the true reformers.


Dr. Christopher Blum is a professor at the Augustine Institute and also serves as Academic Dean. With a background in the history and philosophy of science from Notre Dame, he specializes in Church history, drawing practical insights for today. Dr. Blum has co-authored several books as well as translating and editing Rose Among Thorns by Saint Francis de Sales.


Included Resources

  • True Reformers DVD Set
  • True Reformers Study Guide
    • introductions, prayers, and inspirational insights
    • outlines and guidance through the video-based sessions
    • impactful questions for small group discussion and personal reflection
    • suggested resources for continued study and fuller understanding



Graduate School of Theology available at the Augustine Institute.



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