Office of Evangelization

Diocese of Cleveland

Universal Prayers for Evangelization

The following are some suggested universal prayers for evangelization:

That all who have wandered from the Church may be inspired by the Holy Spirit to return home, and to experience God’s love and mercy through the sacraments and the Christian community.

That those who do not yet know Jesus Christ may find God’s grace and love through our Christian example and invitation.

That we all may have courage to share our faith in Jesus Christ with our families, our communities, and our world.

That all who receive God’s abundant grace through the sacrament of Eucharist may continue to find the sustaining spirit and joy of salvation that is life in Christ.

That all may give joyful witness, in both words and deeds, to the reasons for our love and faith in Jesus Christ.

That God voice may be heard, God’s love may be felt, and we may be filled with the overwhelming desire to witness in God’s name.

That all who mourn may find in our community a tenderness which never disappoints and the restoration of joy in the living God.

That our lives, radiant with the glory of Christ’s cross, may constantly invite others to rejoice with us.

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Universal Prayer Suggestions
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