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By: Women in the New Evangelization

Material Overview 

WINE: Women in the New Evangelization is a nonprofit dedicated is to meet women in their need and to nurture, encourage, and support them on their journey.  Their online platform connects women together from near and far, and their practical guide for starting a new WINE group connects women together at the parish level.


About the Program

In years of traveling the country and working with hundreds of Catholic women’s Bible studies and faith sharing groups, we saw beautifully talented, incredibly passionate and ridiculously busy women striving to provide an environment that allowed women to know and love Jesus Christ, an environment in which women could learn the truth about their dignity and vocation, an environment that allowed women to live their faith with confidence, with conviction and hope. What we noticed was that many women were doing much of the work themselves, and many were reinventing the wheel—and what woman has time for that?


Through much prayer, WINE: Women In the New Evangelization  emerged as the answer for busy women who found themselves on fire to lead other women in the Catholic faith, be that hosting a small group in their house or running a flourishing women’s ministry in their parish.


WINE: Women In the New Evangelization is about empowering women to work within their God-given gifts as women to nurture, heal and build up the body of Christ.


Through much prayer, the women who have come together from around the country to form WINE, came to understand that whereas the Lord said to St. Francis, “Rebuild my Church,” for such a time as this, the Lord is calling to women, asking us to work in the beauty of our natural gifts as women, and is saying to us, “Heal my body.”


We are called to build the kingdom of God by using those special gifts and charisms He has given to us for that exact purpose, and right now, the body of Christ is battered, bruised and broken, and the Lord is asking you to help heal His body. Will you? He is asking you to nurture His body. Will you? He is asking you to build up His body by working in your gifts—gifts given to you for such a time as this!



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