Finance Office

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Finance Office

finance staffWelcome to the Finance Office. The Finance Office carries out many operations for the Secretariat and the Diocese of Cleveland. Listed below are some major operations of the Finance Office:

• Collection of Diocesan assesments, designated collections, and other Diocesan receipts.

• Disbursement of approved and budgeted subsidy funds for Diocesan administration.

• Complete administration of the Diocesan Budget Committee.

• Supports and assists the Diocesan accounting function.

• Responsible for the treasury management function.

• Coordinates annual Parish reporting process.

• Coordinates Diocesan oversight functions.


The Finance Office is the Diocesan office that receives parish assessments, investment income and other revenues to fund the ministries of the Bishop and his staff and the administration of the Diocese. The Finance Office also supports the benefit and insurance plan offices and provides printing and mailing services for the Diocesan offices and other Diocesan and non-profit entities.

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