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Finance Office – Staff List

The staff of the Finance Office are happy to provide assistance as needed to you. Feel free to contact any member of our staff.

Telephone number 216-696-6525
Toll Free in Ohio 1-800-869-6525

Finance Office (8th Floor)
Arnold, Gerald x 2170
Ashby, LuAnn x 1039
Cackowski, Judy x 4650
Hesselton, Jan x 5960
Hudson, Bill x 1147
Gulick, James x 5960
Mar, Nancy x 1037
Rudolph, Audrey x 1740
Turk, Justin x 1142

Legal Office (7th Floor)
Bartel, Susan x 1074
Burke, Kevin x 4360
Johnson, Lynne x 1072

Printing and Mailing (1st Floor)
Hogan, Debbie x 3160
Luboski, Christopher* x 4030
Rodriguez, Dorothy* x 4030
Zack, Debbie x 4020
Zivkovich, Lori x 4020

*Located on the 6th Floor

Employee Benefits (8th Floor)
Cantlin, Laurie x 5060
Jones, Janielle x 4570
Juras, Palmira x 4590
Lewis, Elaine x 4640

Human Resources/Payroll (8th Floor)
Blakeley, Mary Ann x 3930
Speagle, Donna x 8760

Workers’ Comp/Unemployment Property/Casualty (8th Floor)
Ladden, Eileen x 4520
McNulty, Leo x 6490
Pierce, Kathy x 3400

Information Technology (8th Floor)
Barendt, Charlie x 5770
Mohney, Maureen x 1011*

*Located on the 6th Floor

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