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Legal and Real Estate Office

The primary responsibilities of the Legal and Real Estate Office include:

• Oversight of major Diocesan and Parish construction and renovation projects (i.e. greater than $10,000)

• Offering the parishes and Diocesan entities legal counsel and services on a variety of issues including:

general legal issues,
employment issues,
contract preparation and review
lease and facility use agreement negotiation, preparation, and implementation
sale and purchase of real property
land use and real property issues

• Assisting parishes and Diocesan entities in solving real estate and revaluation issues

• Assisting parishes and Diocesan entities in their efforts to comply with statutes and regulations such as the following:

Family Medical Leave Act
The Federal Labor Standards Act
State Liquor Laws and Licensing Regulations
State Gambling Laws and Regulations

• Assisting parishes in resolving all forms of legal disputes

The Legal Office and Real Estate Division provides the following services :

• Provides counsel and guidance on Diocesan and Corporate business matters relating to Integrated Auxiliary Diocesan Corporations including:

preparation of articles of incorporation and code of regulations documents
preparation and review of employment contracts
counsel on general legal matters
counsel on all matters of business law as requested by other associates and directors

• Vice Chairperson of the Diocesan Building Commission (James Gulick, Chairperson)

• Provides assistance in the oversight and management of outside counsel representing the Diocese

• Provides counsel regarding legal matters and litigation involving the Diocese as needed

**For direct online access to the Diocesan Master Insurance Program, click this link:

DISC Master Insurance Program Online

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