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Printing and Mailing Office
Welcome to the Printing and Mailing Office. The Diocese of Cleveland operates a printing and mailing center primarily for the use of the departments on Cathedral Square. These services are also available to the parishes throughout the Diocese. Keep this in mind when printing school handbooks, advertising materials for summer festivals and printing business cards. The services are competitively priced, so please allow the Printing and Mailing Services to provide a price quote on your next printing job. Service is just a phone call away. Please use the contact information at the bottom of this page to contact Debbie Hogan.

Below are the objectives and strategies of the Printing and Mailing Services.


i. To always be attentive to the needs of our customers.

ii. To operate efficiently and competently.

iii. To maintain a positive attitude.

iv. To go above and beyond, striving to make this office a success.

v. To work together as a team, always communicating.

vi. To continually expand our knowledge in this field, enhancing our operation.

vii. To continually extend our services to potentially new customers.

Our strategic plan will be to capture the market we need, justifying the equipment we have, and utilizing our human resources effectively. Our best resource to accomplish this is our current customers. We will continually strive to achieve the exemplary reputation of a customer orientated organization by adhering to the above mentioned objectives. We will make ourselves competitive with the outside market in both the services we offer and the costs at which they are offered.

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