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webbannerWelcome to the website for the Secretariat for Parish Life & Development. Nurturing, promoting and sustaining the work of the Gospel are the focus of the Diocese of Cleveland’s Parish Life Office. Through its programs and ministries, Parish Life supports the work of the Diocese and parishes by helping to build vibrant communities of faith and service.

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  • Bishop Mark Seitz: U.S.-led interdiction effort in Mexico breaks international law

    El Paso Times By Bishop Mark J. Seitz / Guest columnist Last summer, thousands of unaccompanied children arrived at our southern border from Central America, fleeing violence and persecution in their homelands. The reaction from many Americans was welcoming and generous, despite fear mongering and mischaracterization of the issue on the part of many politicians […]

  • The Shame of America’s Family Detention Camps

    By Wil S. Hylton – Feb. 4, 2015 Christina Brown pulled into the refugee camp after an eight-hour drive across the desert. It was late July of last year, and Brown was a 30-year-old immigration lawyer. She had spent a few years after college working on political campaigns, but her law degree was barely a […]

  • Jailing Families

    The U.S. should pursue detention alternatives for migrants The children appeared sick and malnourished. They lived in large dormitory style rooms and were forced to use the bathroom in public view. Some had to wear prison style clothes and sleep with the lights on. Schooling was infrequent at best. To read this complete editorial from […]

  • Pastoral Planning Through an Evangelizing Lens

    Need help in planning next steps or creating a pastoral plan for evangelization? Contact Terrie Baldwin to discuss the different approaches for evangelization including the USCCB’s three goals for Evangelization, the Thresholds of Conversion, and ideas from the book REBUILT. Formational programs are available for parish and schools staffs, parishes, schools, and Catholic organizations on […]

  • Spiritual Gifts Discernment Process

    “Come and See” workshops to learn more and to explore the possibility of this process for your parish or organization are now available in January and February. Cost is free, but registration is necessary at the Evangelization website. Advanced preparation using the spiritual gifts inventory tool would be helpful for each participant. Please register within […]

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