Interfaith Commission

The Director of the Interfaith Commission prepares talks for occasions with ecumenical or interfaith significance. He makes presentations to parish groups and other groups to educate them in the ecumenical directives and theology of the Catholic Church.

The Director studies and reviews documents from Rome and the National Conference of Catholic Bishops on ecumenical and interfaith matters as well as arranges for dissemination of them to pastoral ministers.

He acts as an intermediary between other religious groups and diocesan offices as well as acting as consultant to diocesan offices on matters of ecumenical questions or interfaith protocol. He also works with the Office of Religious education to provide programs for religious educators dealing with the area of ecumenism and interfaith matters.

Finally, the Interfaith Commission keeps abreast of theological currents that effect ecumenical and interfaith matters and provides materials and information to Diocesan priests, deacons and other pastoral ministers as well as any documentation from Rome or national offices that concern their pastoral work.

The Director of the Interfaith Commission is Rev. Joseph Hilinski. The office address is 1404 East Ninth Street, Third Floor, Cleveland, OH 44114. You can contact the office at (216) 696-6525 or 1-800-869-7525, Ext. 5110 or Ext. 3500; Fax (216) 861-3200. You can also contact the office via email at: Sr. Rita Mary Harwood, SND or Paula Moscovic.

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