Diocesan Virtus Compliance

The Diocese of Cleveland’s VIRTUS: Protecting God’s Children program raises awareness   about the need to protect children from sexual abuse and informs adults how we can and must protect our children. Certified Lay Ecclesial Ministers are to be in full compliance with all diocesan norms on this topic whether or not you interact with minors in your ministerial setting. Current diocesan VIRTUS requirements include:

    • BCI background check (fingerprinting) on file with the Pastoral Ministry Office
    • Complete facilitator-led VIRTUS training and read at least 24 monthly bulletins, available online. (Inquire about other option if online access is not available.)  Training report is to be mailed to the Pastoral Ministry Office.
    • Completed a Standards of Conduct Acknowledgement Form (Revised 2016, including workshop) and mailed it to the Office.
    • Completed a Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse (revised 2016)  Acknowledgment Form and mailed it to the Office.

Candidates in the process of Lay Ecclesial Ministry Certification must be in the process of completing these VIRTUS requirements, and must have completed them prior to becoming certified. If you have any questions regarding your status, please call the Lay Ecclesial Ministry Office at (440) 943-7670. To sign up for VIRTUS on-site and/or on-line training go to www.virtusonline.org OR if you have questions about on-line or by-mail sign-up or follow-up contact:

Office for the Protection of Children and Youth Sharon Minson, Director 216-696-6525. ext. 1157 or via email.

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