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Catholic Schools Are Affordable

Tuition, Financial Aid, and State Scholarship

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Cleveland are chartered, non-public schools that rely on tuition and other private sources of funding to operate.  Each school sets its own tuition amount, and tuition assistance is available at the diocesan level and often locally through the school or parish. In addition, parents may now pay private school tuition from any qualifying 529 plan. Parents should contact the school to inquire about making a Catholic education affordable.  Assistance usually comes in one of three forms.


Local Tuition Assistance

Local assistance comes from the particular school to which families apply. There are often funds available from the school’s supporting donor community. Pastors and principals try to accommodate families with a tuition payment program that can fit a family’s budget. School leaders recognize the sacrifices that parents and relatives make to afford this quality education.

Diocesan Tuition Assistance

In addition to funds available at the school level, parents may apply for Diocesan tuition assistance, dollars raised through the collaborative efforts of the Diocesan Office of Catechetical Formation & Education and the Catholic Community Foundation, which provide assistance to over 3,000 students in need each year. To learn more and apply, visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships page for the Diocese of Cleveland.


State Scholarship Programs

Ohio provides vouchers for students to attend private schools based on location, public school status, parental income, or special needs. All or most of elementary school tuition may be funded by one of Ohio’s five state scholarship programs. To find schools that are providers for the Cleveland Scholarship, EdChoice Scholarship, EdChoice Expansion Scholarship, and Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship or Autism Scholarship, visit the state’s Scholarship Dashboard page. To learn more about Ohio’s scholarship programs, visit the Ohio Department of Education Scholarships page.

View the video below for explanation of state scholarships.

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