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Should we send our kids to Catholic Schools?

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Dear Father Joe:  Someone told me that, as Catholics, we are supposed to send our kids to Catholic schools.  We are wondering if it’s really worth the financial struggle; are we obligated to do this?

Thank you for asking this: it’s quite the important issue.  I’ve been blessed to serve as a priest for a little more than 17 years, and every assignment I’ve been given in that time has had a school connected to it.  Over the years, I’ve really come to see that Catholic schools are a great gift God offers us; a gift that we often overlook.

Is Catholic education a sacrifice?  Of course.  If it’s not, you’re doing it wrong.  Catholic education, for many people, is a great sacrifice.

It’s a sacrifice for the teachers who, in my experience, are paid significantly less than their public school counterparts.  It’s a sacrifice for the parish that the school is tied to, as that parish commits no small amount of its resources toward running, improving and supporting the school.  It’s a sacrifice for parents who choose to work to come up with the money needed to pay the tuition.  It’s a sacrifice for the students who often are in a building that is not as nice as the public school options.

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