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Stakeholders invited to share input on Catholic education in Diocese of Cleveland

Online Thoughtexchange is available in English and Spanish

The Diocese of Cleveland operates the largest school system in Ohio with 90 elementary schools, 20 high schools and 67 pre-kindergarten programs, for a combined student population of 43,159.

Christopher Knight, superintendent of Catholic schools, said the diocese is proud of its long, rich history of Catholic education.

“As we look forward to the future, we are asking for your thoughts on the state of Catholic schools today. Every voice matters. Your input is critical to efforts to ensure Catholic schools in the Diocese of Cleveland have a bright, sustainable and enduring future,” Knight said.

He is inviting all who are interested in Catholic education to give input on the schools by participating in an online Thoughtexchange conversation about the schools that can be accessed through the diocesan website. The Thoughtexchange is available in both English and Spanish. There are three parts to the process:

  • Sharing – Where all are invited to share their thoughts.
  • Stars – Where everyone sees the submitted thoughts and adds stars to them.
  • Discover – Where everyone’s thoughts and stars are shared.

The sharing process is under way until 11 p.m. May 25. After clicking on the Thoughtexchange link on the diocesan website, individuals will receive an email with a customized link inviting them to share their thoughts on three open-ended questions:

  • What are some challenges for Catholic schools in the Diocese of Cleveland?
  • What are some things you appreciate about Catholic schools in the Diocese of Cleveland?
  • What are some important things for us to consider as we plan for the future of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Cleveland?

Participants are asked to be respectful as they share information. All responses will be reviewed and those that are rude, hurtful or identify a person or group of persons will be removed. Responses will be shared, but the identity of the person providing the information will not appear online.

The process will wrap up on June 18.

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