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Teresa Szary: Coordinator of Youth Ministry (June 2011)

She earned a degree in Sports Management from The University of Massachusetts (Amherst). She’s sitting across from me at a Starbuck’s. She’s tall, athletic, twenty-seven-years-old. I imagine playing basketball with her – one on one. She’d cream me. After talking with Teresa Szary, I realize that the Coordinator of Youth Ministry (or Life Teen Coordinator) […]

James Hickey (September 2010)

We all know the mantra of Stewardship: “Time, Talent, and Treasure.” And we understand and believe. And if we have the time and ability, we’re willing to help out if they need us in a pinch. But “treasure”? That’s something else. That means they want some of our hard-earned money. James R. Hickey has a […]

Terri Preskar: Parish Relationship Manager (June 2010)

Looking at her business card, I am bemused by her title. So I ask her, “Terri, what in the world is a ‘Parish Relationship Manager?” She smiles and sips her ice water. “What I do for the diocese is similar to the work I performed at TRW.” And I find myself deeply interested in this […]

Tom Cepek: A Ministry of Ministries (June 2009)

Listening to Tom Cepek talk about his Stewardship activities at Holy Angels Church in Bainbridge, I learn something important: the words “Time, Treasure, and Talent” are not just limiting definitions; some persons give their all. Large, active parishes generally have many ministries to meet the needs of many parishioners. Sometimes a coordinating committee is involved […]

Larry Vuillemin: Man With A Mission (March 2009)

Larry Vuillemin, a St. Sebastian parishioner, has a mission. He would like “to liberate us from the forces which would stifle our experience of life as sacrament.” That might sound presumptuous. How can one man affect such a profound liberation? Well, Larry learned early in life that, of course, one man cannot bring about such […]

Melissa Keegan: The Call to Stewardship (January 2009)

Melissa Keegan, certified in 2000 as a Lay Ecclesial Minister for the Diocese of Cleveland, is in her 28th year of ministry as the Pastoral Associate at Immaculate Conception Parish in Akron. Working collaboratively with pastor, Fr. Michael B. Smith she is an example of stewardship in action. A stewardship workshop several years ago made […]

Don Day: Just the Man for the Year of Paul (November 2008)

St. Paul said, “I will be all things to all people.” (Corinthians 9:22) At St. Barnabas Parish in Northfield, Don Day has been all things to all parishioners. He is a charter member of the parish; meaning he is one of the original parishioners from way back in 1956. He helped build the church – […]

Panto Campbell (September 2008)

Panto knew his father was being killed. There was nothing he could do about it. Liberia was being ravaged by the soldiers of Samuel Doe’s embattled government and the rebel forces of Charles Taylor; and the 16 major ethnic groups of Liberia were slaughtering one another. Panto’s family was fleeing, seeking a safe haven in […]

Bill Mattingly: Man with a Mission (July 2008)

“The more I participated, the more I saw the needs, and the more I wanted to do.” Thus said Bill Mattingly, member of Our Lady of Victory in Tallmadge for 44 years. Participated in what? You name it: past president of Rotary, charter member of K of C Council #5613, active in the local Red […]

Chris Bunsey (May 2008)

Are you a wannabe poet? How can you be a good steward of a gift like this? Just ask Chris Bunsey of St. Barnabas parish. Chris taught English for thirty years and then, almost the minute he retired, he bought a word processor and started writing in a disciplined way. He’s written over 300 poems, […]

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