Stewardship Office

Diocese of Cleveland

Parish Stewardship Offerings

Handle With Care
This parish strategic planning process is designed for use by pastors, parish pastoral staff, and key parish leaders. A tool for examining parish ministries through a stewardship lens, this process makes use of Catholic teaching to better understand what could be possible in the best of parish life. The planning group is led through an assessment of parish activity to determine where the stewardship themes of community, giftedness, gratefulness, justice, conversion, and participation are prominent and where they could be enhanced. Through a method of formation and discernment, the group is then guided through an exercise of developing needed strategies to enhance parish ministries. Participating parishes receive a copy of the “Handle with Care” manual and instruction for its use.

Stewardship Formation

Parish Stewardship Day of Recollection
A partial day of activity comprised of presentation and discussion – designed to enhance the understanding, and inspire the embracing, of stewardship. This retreat is tailored to the unique needs of the parish community

Gifts Assessment
A system of activities for parish staff, parish ministry leadership, and parishioners at large which lead to an appreciation and realization of individual giftedness, as well as how these gifts may be applied to parish life

7 Steps to Becoming Financially Free
This program offers a combination of faith formation and sound financial teaching, all designed to help the faithful become more effective stewards of the gifts the Lord has entrusted to them.

Bi-Annual Stewardship Leaders’ Retreat
This retreat is conducted biannually, alternating with the biannual Diocesan Stewardship Conference. These retreats will be primarily for spiritual development geared toward Parish Staff, thereby further developing a better understanding and appreciation for the stewardship way of life.

Stewardship Connections Meetings
These meetings are held at various parish locations around the diocese to provide further Stewardship parish formation, as well as provide a forum for shared best practices amongst our parish communities.

Stewardship E-Newsletter
A bi-monthly email newsletter to announce upcoming Stewardship activities, the highlight of a Good Steward in the diocese, and featured best practices.

Planned Giving
As Catholics, each of is called to be a good steward of the gifts that God has entrusted to our care. We are not the owners of our material gifts, but rather stewards—caretakers or custodians—of what has been gifted to us by God. For people of faith, estate and financial planning is a key component of stewardship. Our estate plan can rightly be considered our final act of stewardship.

Several resources are available for parishes at low to no cost in communicating this message:

  1. Host a will & estate planning educational workshop: the parish selects the date, promotes the program, and hosts the evening. The Stewardship Office provides the template for promotion, handout materials and arranges for the presenting Catholic attorney, in partnership with the Catholic Lawyers Guild.
  2. Quarterly bulletin inserts.
  3. Catholic Personal Estate Planning Recordbook ($2 each) for parish gifting/ mailing.
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