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Letter of Suitability Request Form

All priests and deacons are required to request a letter of suitability from our Bishop for any ministry that is done outside of the Diocese of Cleveland.  Please fill out the form below, which is to be completed for any and all requests that clergy may have for ministry outside of the diocese.

If a priest is unable to access a computer, they may use the form that was mailed to you and mail it to Fr. Daniel Schlegel at the Secretariat for Clergy and Religious Office, 1404 East Ninth Street, Second Floor, Cleveland, Ohio 44114.  Please note that whether you are using the electronic version or the hard copy, you must complete ALL fields that have an asterisk in order for your request to be processed.  Any forms that do not have the completed necessary information will be returned to you.

When requesting a letter of suitability, it is important to do so in a timely manner.  Please do so at least one month prior to the event but not more than two months unless the diocese you are going to requests that something be sent sooner, e.g. weddings.  Of course, there are times when sufficient notification cannot be given such as in the event of a funeral.  In that case, please contact Fr. Daniel Schlegel as soon as you have the information.

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