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There are several forms available to be used by a petitioner, the person who wishes to apply for a declaration of invalidity. The choice of form is made by the procurator after a discussion with the petitioner. As of May 2015, the forms are now fillable PDF files which can be filled out on the computer, then printed, signed and mailed by hand. You may need to save the file and open it with a program other than your web browser in order to fill in the boxes.

1. FORMAL PETITION – Formal Petition - Form T101
This will print the most current version of the Formal Petition (T101) libellus. If you wish, you may print these pages on normal 8½×11 stationery. If you would like to print this onto the same paper used by the Tribunal, use 11×17 paper in your copy machine. Please note that the signature of the respondent, on the lower half of page 4, is optional; it is only required if the respondent is joining with the petition. From May 30, 2016, the tribunal will not accept petitions submitted using old versions of Form T-101 dated prior to December 8, 2015. Parishes should dispose of old forms, and use new forms from the tribunal website to ensure the most up-to-date version is used.

Documents checklist to submit a formal petition – Download 


The petitioner’s questionnaire is required to accompany a formal petition.There are two different petitioner questionnaires. The selection depends upon whether or not the marriage you are having the Tribunal evaluate was a ‘validation.’ A validation occurs when either party is Catholic and attempts marriage merely civilly or in a non-Catholic religion, then later the parties marry in the Catholic Church.

  • If the marriage is not a validation, this is the two-page questionnaire that supplements the petitioner form:

Petitioner’s Questionnaire (not a validation) – Rich Text (.rtf) format

Petitioner’s Questionnaire (not a validation) – PDF format

  • If the marriage was a validation, use the questionnaire below. Please do not use these questions if the couple only had one wedding ceremony.

Petitioner’s Questionnaire (with marriage validation) – Rich Text (.rtf) format

Petitioner’s Questionnaire (with marriage validation) – PDF format

This form is required of a petitioner who is unable to obtain complete address information for the respondent.

4. LIGAMEN (sometimes known as ‘prior bond’) Download 

5. LACK of FORM (sometimes known as ‘Defect of Form’) – Download 

6. FAVOR of the FAITH Form – Download  

7.  PAULINE PRIVILEGE Form – Download 


If printing is not an option, you may order forms by calling 216-696-6525 ext. 4000 or by sending us an email to tribunal@dioceseofcleveland.org and state which forms you need. We will send no more than five (5) of any of the form in order to keep your on-hand supply up-to-date. 

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