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Canonical Procedures describes for priests, deacons and other parish staff of the Diocese of Cleveland the correct procedures to follow in in marriage preparation, sacramental records, and ascription to different churches sui iuris. (Major edition April 2014 – minor update September 2016). Printed copies with an orange cover are available on request.

Tribunal Procedures describes for procurators in the Diocese of Cleveland their role in the varying procedures to establish freedom to marry (Major edition March 2016 – minor update November 2016). This handbook now includes the changes made by Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus, which amended some aspects of procedure from December 8, 2015. Printed copies with a red cover are available on request. Old ‘green cover’ editions are outdated and should be discarded.

A few minor changes have been made to the printed Canonical Procedures (April 2014, March 2016) and Tribunal Procedures (November 2016). The PDF files below are the up-to-date versions. If you have a printed version, you may wish to make these revisions.

The Tribunal Trifold is a brochure which may be freely distributed to those who may interested in the work of the Tribunal of the Diocese of Cleveland.

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