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Sacred Space – Advent Wreath

The Advent Wreath, a traditional practice in homes, may also have a place in the Church.

The Advent Wreath is constructed of a circle of evergreen branches into which are inserted four candles representing the four weeks of Advent. According to tradition, three of the candles are violet and the fourth is rose. However, four violet or white candles may also be used. 6

The Advent Wreath may be blessed on the evening before the First Sunday of Advent during Mass, a celebration of the word of God, or Evening Prayer. 7 The Order for the Blessing of an Advent Wreath is found in Chapter 47 of the Book of Blessings. On the Second, Third and Fourth Sundays of Advent the candles are lit before Mass begins or before the Opening Prayer. 8

The Advent Wreath should be visible to the congregation. It may be suspended from the ceiling or placed on a stand. If it is placed in the sanctuary it should not interfere with the celebration of the liturgy, nor should it obscure the altar, ambo, or presider’s chair. 9

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