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Child Protection – Prayers

Prayer for Healing for Victims of Abuse

Praise to you, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, source of all consolation and hope. By your Son’s dying and rising He remains our light in every darkness, our strength in every weakness. Be the refuge and guardian of all who suffer from abuse and violence. Comfort them and send healing for their wounds of body, soul and spirit. Rescue them from bitterness and shame and refresh them with your love. Heal the brokenness in all victims of abuse and revive the spirits of all who lament this sin.

Help us to follow Jesus in drawing good from evil, life from death. Make us one with you in your love for justice as we deepen our respect for the dignity of every human life.

Giver of peace, make us one in celebrating your praise, both now and for ever. Amen.

+ John F. Kinney
Bishop of Saint Cloud, MN
Imprimatur given May 15, 2002

© 2002 Diocese of St. Cloud. All rights reserved.

Prayer for Priests

Praise to you, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for in your infinite love you care for your people by the ministry of priests. May their faithful service bring lasting good to your Church and great happiness to them. Help them to do what is right, that by their teaching and living we may grow in the knowledge of your love.

As our priests instruct your people, enlighten them with the wisdom of Christ the Teacher.

As they preach your Word and celebrate the sacraments, sanctify them with the holiness of Christ the High Priest.

As they face weakness, suffering and discouragement, strengthen them with the grace of Christ the Life-Giver.

As they work for peace, unity and healing in your Church, uphold them with the courage of Christ the Reconciler.

Giver of all good gifts, make the ministry of our priests a spiritual offering pleasing to you, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

+ Bishop John F. Kinney
Bishop of the Diocese of St. Cloud
Imprimatur given March 19, 2002

© 2002 Diocese of St. Cloud. All rights reserved.

Report Abuse

All sexual abuse of minors should first be reported immediately to local law enforcement in the county where the abuse is alleged to have occurred. Reports of abuse by a member of the clergy or an employee of the Diocese of Cleveland should also be made to the diocese’s victim assistance coordinator, who can be reached by telephone at 216-334-2999 or by email at  

Terence Flanagan
Victim Assistance Coordinator

Work Phone:  216-334-2958
Fax: 216-334-2983
Response Services:  216-334-2999
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