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Eucharistic Revival Art Journal

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Eucharistic Revival Art Journal

The Catholic Faith has always espoused art as a way to express a love for God.  In creating beauty, we often create a new opportunity for many people to connect with God through beauty. 

The Eucharistic Revival provides artists the opportunity to create works to mirror the great love Christ has for us through the Eucharist in artistic renderings. Therefore, Diocese of Cleveland is conducting a call for entries for artists to submit works of art centered on the Eucharist.  “What does the Eucharist mean for you?”    

Select Winners will have their works displayed in both our online journal and additionally at an “Opening” this summer in the Diocese, with early submissions also being considered for a national Eucharistic art competition. 

Submission Form

Parameters for submissions:  

  • The submissions must be original creative works of the artists – i.e. one cannot submit a work they did not produce themselves. 

  • Artists must be beyond high school (18 years or older) and reside within the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

  • The submissions must be artistic in nature, pertaining to categories such as poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, painting, drawing, digital art, photography, comics, and 3D art. 

  • Because of its journal format, music or other audio forms of art will not be considered. 

  • The submissions must show a sense of the artist’s Eucharistic spirituality. This is certainly not limited to explicitly religious content. The art can represent or indicate one’s spirituality without bluntly stating it. For example, images in nature or metaphorical imagery can certainly meet the criteria. 

  • The artist is encouraged to use her license to create something new, fresh, and thought-provoking, sharing her devotion to this sacred tradition to a contemporary audience. 

  • While pushing the boundaries of artistic expression to create a unique and relevant piece of art, the board will reject submissions that seem to promote ideas contrary or resistant to Church teaching and the spirit of inspiring faith through its beauty.  

Contest Deadlines

To be considered for the National Eucharistic Art Contest, submissions must be received by Feb. 14, 2024. The National Eucharistic Art Contest has a top prize of $2,000. 

Submissions received after Feb. 14, 2024 will only be considered for the diocesan Opening. The final deadline for consideration for the diocesan Opening is April 8, 2024.

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