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Eucharistic Revival Art Journal Submission Form

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Art Journal Submission

Eucharistic Revival Art Contest Submission

The Catholic Faith has always espoused art as a way to express a love for God. In creating beauty, we often create a new opportunity for many people to connect with God through beauty.

The Eucharistic Revival provides artists the opportunity to create works to mirror the great love Christ has for us through the Eucharist in artistic renderings.Therefore, Diocese of Cleveland is conducting a call for entries for artists to submit works of art centered on the Eucharist. “What does the Eucharist mean for you?”

Select Winners will have their works displayed in both our online journal and additionally at an “Opening” this summer in the Diocese. Select Early Submissions received by Feb 14, may be entered into the National Eucharistic Art Contest (see “contest deadlines” below).

Contest Deadlines

  • To be considered for the National Eucharistic Art Contest, submissions must be received by Feb. 14, 2024.
  • Submissions received after Feb. 14, 2024 will only be considered for the diocesan Opening. The final deadline for consideration for the diocesan Opening is Apil 8, 2024.

By checking the box below, I represent and warrant that my submission is my own original artwork that does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any person and I consent for my artwork to be published and displayed by the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland for any lawful use including without limitation display and promotional purposes, in print and on digital social media platforms and/or websites, without further notice or compensation of any kind. I further agree that, if I am selected as a winner, the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland may submit my artwork on my behalf to the St. Edmunds Sacred Art Institute for entry into their contest (subject to their rules and requirements) and I consent for my artwork images to be published and displayed by Saint Edmunds Sacred Art Institute and its associates, for display and promotional purposes, in print, and digital social media platforms and websites.

I further agree that I have reviewed all submission guidelines and that my artwork complies with all submission guidelines. I understand that the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland may reject my submission or decide not to publish my submission for any reason in its sole discretion.

By typing my name below, which shall constitute my electronic signature, I agree to all of the terms and conditions of entry.

Yes, this is my own original artwork

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