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First Step - Workshop regarding Annulments

Tuesday, September 15 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm

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First Step -  Workshop regarding Annulments

Attempting to pick up the pieces of one’s life after the tragedy of divorce is an area that can impact a person’s relationship with God and the Church. One of the significant issues that a person faces is their place in the Church. Does the Church still care about me even though I am divorced? Am I allowed to go to Mass? Can I receive communion? How can the Church help me heal? If I decide to marry again, what do I have to do?

The Tribunal of the Diocese of Cleveland offers its First Step Program to help individuals deal with these questions in order to renew and/or strengthen their relationship with God and the Church. This program is offered to help everyone, especially those who have experienced divorce, learn more about Catholic teaching regarding marriage, divorce, and remarriage. Representatives from the Ministry to the Divorced Office of the Department for Marriage and Family Ministry will also be present to explain the resources they offer to the divorced.

Everyone is welcome to:

  • Deepen knowledge of the Church’s teaching on marriage…
  • Learn about the Church’s ministry to the divorced/separated in the Diocese…
  • Hear about the annulment process and how to submit a case…
  • Discover a path to healing after divorce in order to strengthen and/or renew a relationship with God and the Church

In any endeavor, taking the “first step” is always the most difficult. The First Step Program helps individuals to navigate the path of healing and closure.

The participants attend the general meeting, and follow-up with their procurator to submit the case. For more information see Tribunal website or call Lynette Tait at the Tribunal: 216-696-6525/800-869-6525, ext. 4000.

Note that the Diocese of Cleveland no longer requires any fees for this process.

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