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Faith is woven into Gore family home

Northeast Ohio Catholic Magazine

January 18, 2019

The Gore Family



What they may not notice are the many religious items woven into the décor. There is something in nearly every room. It may be an inspirational wall hanging, a candle, a Bible or book, a crucifix (or two), a statue, an angel, a holy water font, a painting or a prayer board.

Many of the items are souvenirs from their travels; others are gifts or items Marita has spotted in local stores. “I like to find meaningful or special items when we travel,” she said, showing off some religious jewelry she purchased and a rosary from Lourdes that has become her favorite after she found it in an antique shop.


She didn’t intend to decorate her home with items relating to her Catholic faith, but it evolved over

time, Marita explained.

“With the culture we live in, we need as many reminders as we can — constant, visible reminders — of our faith,” she said.

Marita said she didn’t realize how many items in her home had a religious connection until Father Steve Brunovsky, pastor of St. Hilary Parish in Fairlawn, mentioned it one day. The Gores are active parishioners at St. Hilary and their two sons, Anthony, 14, and Andrew, 13, are in eighth and seventh grade, respectively, at St. Hilary School.

Prominently displayed in the dining room is a large oil painting of Mary and baby Jesus.

“My grandmother — we called her Yaya — painted that in the 1970s. She lived to be 99,” Mark said. “We found the painting in a closet in her home and I asked if we could have it. She was very artistic.”

On another wall are some reminders of family camp at Camp Christopher in nearby Bath. Marita said her parents divorced when she was a child, but her mother always took her and her brother to family camp. “It was the only vacation we could afford. We never missed a year,” she said.

Board of Prayers hanging on the wall

Anthony and Andrew have at least one crucifix in their rooms. The guest room has an inspirational book and a crucifix. A special angel given to Marita by her mother and inspirational wall hangings are found in Marita and Mark’s room. Even the office has a crucifix and other items with religious connections. In the kitchen there is an inspirational Scripture verse displayed. A prayer board with special intentions clipped to it hangs in the back hallway, across a tiny holy water font.

“It reminds me of one I saw on a trip to Mexico,” Marita said.

During the holidays, she displays a large, silver sunburst-type wall hanging that features the holy family. “It was a gift from my brother,” she said. The first thing the family sets up before the Christmas season - and the last thing they take down - is a large outdoor Nativity set in the front yard. Mark gave it to Marita a few years ago. There also is a statue of Mary in their back yard.

“I like to have religious items out as a reminder of our faith. We want to have the visibility of this important part of our life,” Marita said.

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