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May 8, 2019

A common link of society is how our culture is digital. Thus, as Catholics we live in a world that incorporates the power of technology into most aspects of a day. If doorbells can have video cameras and cars can self-park, why not journey with Christ to Calvary via podcast? provides the Catholic faith on demand in Northeast Ohio

Instead of viewing tech as an impediment to faith, the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland is encouraging parishioners to embrace online and mobile platforms available in the 21st century.

In 2015, the Augustine Institute created a unique, parish-based evangelization tool called FORMED. The purpose was to expand the range of resources and respond to consumer demand for dynamic content in an age where Amazon and Netflix are not just mobile marketplaces but a routine action in an individual’s day.

Across the country, has refreshed traditional parish resources by providing impactful, on-demand, web and mobile app tools for Catholics.

The Diocese of Cleveland encourages customizing one’s personal faith experience and encountering God through the use of FORMED on a smartphone, tablet or computer. By entering into a partnership with FORMED, approximately 160 parishes within the eight-county diocese have the ability to access the best Catholic content.

This unique partnership is part of a three-year initiative with the diocese subsidizing a free subscription for one full year. With this subscription, any person living within the parish boundaries can have access to the FORMED content at no cost, thanks to funding from the Rooted in Faith, Forward in Hope campaign.

Users have an extensive menu of resources at their fingertips to aid in personal faith journeys, group studies, prayer, in-home catechesis, videos featuring powerful conversion stories, audio conversations by theologians, animated movies for the family and much more.

“The options are fantastic for individual, family or parish use,” said Sister Rita Mary Harwood, SND, diocesan secretary for parish life. “To provide the most up-to-date teachings of our Church on a streaming service dedicated to our Catholic faith demonstrates the fruit of the Holy Spirit flourishing within the diocese.”

Click HERE to learn more about this service.

In a message to parishes, Bishop Nelson Perez said, “There is a great selection of enlightening programs, inspiring talks, e-books and resources for families and youths. Get connected and enjoy having your Catholic faith on demand.”

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