Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

1404 East 9th Street | Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Secretariat for Catechetical Formation and Education Staff Listing

1404 East 9th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Phone 216-696-6525 (Toll Free in Ohio – 1-800-869-6525)

Full Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Frank O’Linn Interim-Secretary for Catechetical Formation and Education/Superintendent x 1022
Betty Baldner Administrative Assistant x 1022
Dr. Frank O’Linn Associate Superintendent for Secondary Schools  x 2460
Susan Pohly Assistant Superintendent, Eastern Area & OCSAA  x 1280
John Stipek Assistant Superintendent, Southern Area  x 1890
Jennifer Berardinelli Assistant Superintendent, Western Area  x 1290
Marsha Hecker Administrative Assistant  x 1024
Mary Keating Administrative Assistant  x 3260
Alicia Beerden Administrative Assistant  x 1920
Pat Mohney Administrative Assistant for Certification/Licensure  x 3810
Lori Eppich Administrative Assistant for Education/Curriculum  x 1059
Patricia Patterson Dir. of Catechesis & Professional Development  x 1148
Wm. Christopher Hoag Associate Director of Catechesis, Catechetical  x 2880
Hortensia Rodriguez Catechetical Formation Leader- Western & Hispanic Catechesis  x 1028
Laura Bastulli-Parran Catechetical Formation Leader-Central Area  x 1028
Denise Smithberger Catechetical Formation Leader-Southern Area  x 8910
Jennifer Miroglotta Curriculum Coordinator  x 3240
Dolores Bruno Curriculum Integration Specialist  x 8990
Melanie Galizio Diocesan Tuition Assistance Coordinator  x1032
Pamela Ouzts Director of Government Programs  x 3250
Tom McBride Director of Technology  x 3200
John Szarwark Finance Coordinator  x 3000
Cindy Williams Scholarship Coordinator  x 2830
Melissa Hokanson Teacher Support Service Specialist  x 3360
John Szarwark Newman Campus Minister – University of Akron  x 3000
Nate Ediger Newman Campus Minister – Ashland University
Stephen Perry Newman Campus Minister – Case Western Reserve University 216-791-9614 x 302
Keith Kozak Newman Campus Minister – Cleveland State University
Jordan Trejo Newman Campus Minister – Wooster 330-287-3020
Steve Eyerman Newman Campus Minister – Baldwin Wallace University 440-243-4955
Edward Morel Executive Director of Nutritional Services  x 3110
Debbie Berger Nutrition Services  x 3120
Christine Candow Nutrition Services  x 4110
Linda Dubbs Nutrition Services  x 3120
Danetta Kozel Nutrition Services  x 3690
Karen McKittrick Nutrition Services  x 3120
Christine Menhart Nutrition Services  x 6320
Deborah Ratliff Nutrition Services  x 3120
Carol Szabo Nutrition Services  x 3340
Kevin Tyson Nutrition Services  x 5120

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